Swinger Medellin Tour Site Swingers swinger tours in Medellin, Colombia Medellin 1399

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Swinger Medellin Tour Site Swingers swinger tours in Medellin, Colombia Medellin 1399

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These tours will entice you to immediately book your next swinger tour. Swinging in Medellin will probably contrast any experience you had in the USA. First of all this is a totally legal business, pays taxes, has a liquor license, is inspected monthly by department of health to insure facilities are free of any contaminants (mainly, Jacuzzi, Steam Room, Bed Rooms. Furthermore towels are cleaned everyday with plenty extra clean towels always on hand). Alcohol is sold in every facility, smoking is only allowed in designated areas, there is a ZERO DRUG USE POLICY IN ALL CLUBS! Colombians in general are very welcoming, extroverted, friendly, curious people. They love interacting with foreigners, and generally want all which come to leave with a great impression of the people, the city and the culture. People in Medellin take it to another level, especially when it comes to swinging. Remember all of our clubs require you to enter with only a towel on. Street clothes are never allowed in the facilities (however underwear for the extremely shy is allowed). It helps to speak some Spanish but it is not entirely necessary. The most important Swinger word is No! Itís Universal! Some nights the club will have complimentary massages or male and or female dancers.

Our directory includes swinger, nude & clothing optional resorts. Acceptance of sex in public varies widely from place to place. Be sure you check to see if the club or resort is right for your lifestyle. We welcome our naturist friends. Many swingers love nudity, most nudists don't swing. Swinging Places lists places you can be comfortable getting naked, regardless of your lifestyle.