Entice Lifestyle Convention Swingers fun couples event Niagara Falls New York

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Entice Lifestyle Convention Swingers fun couples event Niagara Falls New York

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Swinger reviews for Entice Lifestyle Convention
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Entice 2004, 4 Days of Wicked Temptations in Niagara Falls, Nov 03, 2004
reviewer: Bob & Rhonda from NY
Before I start this review I do have to admit that I am very bias about Entice, I have attended all 4 Entice Conventions first as a guest and presenter and now as manager, so it is normal that I would want to say nice things, but, in all honesty Entice is the convention I would pay to attend, that said here is my somewhat biased overview of the best party of 2004.
The 4th annual Entice convention grew by leaps and bounds for the fourth year in a row. With the largest number ever arriving on Wednesday for the pre-party at Mints

The strip club adventure took an unexpected turn when the Strip Club miss scheduled the male dancers, but Entice Attendees don’t let little things like scheduling mess up a good time, party rooms rocked until early Thursday morning.
Thursday brought even more guests to the convention, after a brief Welcome Orientation by the Candle Clubs Managers, P and J (Candle Falls, Niagara Falls) and Bob and Rhon (LikeMindsCNY, Syracuse). Guests got busy with a Graffiti Meet and Greet that had everyone mixing it up, this years twist, Liquid Latex, for those not willing to sacrifice their new Entice T’s to the cause, BODIES provided the canvas… this mix and mingle gave way to a round of the hottest new Swinger game out there “Flaunt IT”, teams competed in this sexy foreplay game, Boys VS Girls with the Ladies Cumming out on top!

I am not sure if Thursday Night’s Dance at Flame’s Western Saloon and Dance Hall, saved many horses, but I do know that a lot of Cowboy’s got ridden in the Party Rooms, which were full to overflowing late into the night.

Friday at noon the last of the “straggling tourists” left the hotel and the party really got hot! Workshops on Polyamory, BDSM, The Truth on Swinging and of course Belly Dancing (In preparation for Friday’s Dance Mystical Harem Night) were offered, and well attended, I congratulate the 2 gentlemen who realized the value of the belly dancing lessons as an opportunity not only to watch 30 women shake their stuff but also as a way to improve their sexual technique!!
The Best Buns and Wet T shirt contests were as always hot, hot, hot… and I know that the winners were very excited….( Ms Wet T-shirt even lost her voice for a while) The Talent Show and Karaoke in the lounge had our good spirited guests, singing and laughing and having fun right up to dance time! Friday Nights Dance was AMAZING, the costumes are always hot at Entice but the Beaded Belly Dancers all had it going on (and a round and up and down … that kind of milkshake could make a girl dizzy if she wasn’t careful) The music was cranking and the dance floor was full to overflowing all night… the Harem Tents in the corners were furnished with very comfortable seating, from my vantage point in the Mystics Tarot Tent, I could see that guests had no trouble putting the lounge space to good use!! Party Rooms were busier than ever with everything from a bordello to a holistic spa, to a BDSM Dungeon to choose from….

Saturday was an amazingly busy day, with classes Electric Play and Couples Massage starting the day and Bisexually from His and Her perspective and Sensation Play rounding out the workshop schedule, The Miss Entice NO Swimsuit Contest followed right behind, with 7 sexy gals all teasing our panel of judges, vying for the title and the trip to HEDO!!! HMMM I think I need to be a judge for this one next year!!! The things these gals did with money, gift wrap, candy and a Santa hat made even me blush!!! Congrats to the winner from Candle Falls and the runner up from SSC.

Reading back over this review this all seems like tons for a Swinger Convention to pull off but the party wasn’t over yet… After an awesome dinner a Toronto based comedian, had guest rolling out of their chairs just in time to change for the Fantasy Masquerade Dance, once again Entice guests dug deep into their imaginations to come up with some of the sexiest costumes I have ever seen! The dance floor once again was full all night and into the early morning, MAN, can these people PARTY…Our party room didn’t close until close to 4 am and that is only because we were nearly a sleep on our feet from all the fun!

What else can I tell you about my favorite convention, oh, we did awesome things with Porn for a Purpose by raising thousands of dollars to send to the Jamaican School, Candlelight Associates, Inc. sponsors. This tiny, very poor school was nearly destroyed in this summers hurricanes and will be a long term partnership project for Candlelight, if you want more information about how to help email info@candleassociates.com with Jamaican School in the subject line and you will get a prompt reply!

The friendly rep from Southern Tier Aids Program was there to offer safer sex information and accessories for all the guests party needs.
Erotica Blvd was once again a great place to pick up all those last minute swinger needs from condoms and lube to Pyrex play things and great club wear and lingerie. The vendors were all friendly and helpful, and the Poker Run winners hand of 5 aces won them a trip to Desires Resort!
The hotel staff went above and beyond to make everyone comfortable and provide all the clean sheets and towels that were needed, and to answer never ending questions about how to the casino, or which local restaurants delivered… having attended other conventions where the staff really wasn’t happy to have us, I have to say that the Entice Hotel staff are WONDERFUL!!

Oh I can’t forget the Entice Care Team either, did you know that this year was the largest ever Care Team –the care team members and 6 Managers worked almost 400 hours in 4 days to make this years Entice the best so far? Without their dedication the convention couldn’t happen they are truly amazing!! Interested in joining the team email info@likemindscny.com and we will get you all the details.

Beyond the great workshop, playrooms, dances and vendors, care team, and hotel staff Entice has always offered a wonderfully friendly group of Lifestyle Couples who understand that Swinging is more than just an activity, it is truly an adventure! The people who support this convention are some of the sexiest, friendliest and most approachable people in the lifestyle… and they make ENTICE an AWESOME EVENT THAT SHOULDN’T BE MISSED!
Only 11 months and 9 days ‘til Entice 2005 October 5-9, 2005 have you made your reservations yet? I know I have!!!
Photos from Entice 2004 can be found online at www.enticeny.com as can our online reservation form! Suites are normally sold out in January so don't delay in making your reservation.

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2 of 3 people found the following review helpful:

Entice Lifestyle Convention 2002, Oct 07, 2004
reviewer: Abby & Dave from New York City
Entice 2002 was being held this year for the first time in Niagara Falls USA. We had attended Entice 2001 in Rochester NY and had a fabulous time. We had always wanted to see the falls so what better way to see it than with over 250 lifestyle couples.

The convention actually started on Wednesday evening, with the early arrivals going to a strip club in Niagara Falls Canada. When we arrived we were warmly greeted by the Entice Care Team. We got quickly checked in and up to our room which was a beautiful suite overlooking a gorgeous garden. We quickly got ready to go to the Canadian Ballet. Busses picked up the couples at staggered times and by the time our late bus got there the party was in full swing (no pun intended!) The folks who live close to the border call the Canadian strip clubs the Canadian Ballet. They have full nude dancers who are very enthusiastic. Actually the club we went to had ladies on the top floor and men below. The men were definitely more entertaining and just watching all of our ladies teasing and tantalizing them was enough to get everyone going. When we got back to the hotel, the party rooms were in full use! It's become an Entice tradition to have a door decorating contest. It was no different this year and a great idea. It was interesting seeing how people would decorate their room doors. The winner of this contest received a 3 night trip to Hedonism II in Jamaica!

Thursday many of the "enticers" went on a tour of the Falls. Busses again picked us up and we went across the border. The border crossing was relatively easy each time as Bob and Flame had carefully instructed everyone on what documentation was necessary. You haven't lived til you've been on the Maid of the Mist boat ride with a few hundred swingers. I'm sure the Falls will never be the same. Our bus drivers then deposited us in front of Casino Niagara where we had the option of going to the Casino or walking up Clifton Hill. For those who've never been to the Falls before Clifton Hill is the tourist mecca of Niagara Falls. We went into on of the haunted house with 6 other couples. That was so much fun walking around in the dark with them that we'd suggest to Bob and Flame that they make the haunted house a regular part of Entice!

The convention had it all*.great food, great dances, lots of vendors and seminars and of course, lots of sex! We were treated to continental breakfasts every morning, delicious dinners on Friday and Saturday. At midnight each night big pizzas were brought up to the hospitality floor. Everyone seemed to go crazy over them; at least I know I did! We were definitely well fed over the course of the weekend.

Our group had the entire hotel, which was a big plus! The hotel staff really enjoyed having us there and was very friendly. Erotica Boulevard, the vending area was a busy place and the seminars were full too, so everyone had lots to things to do. On Friday afternoon, Tryst magazine sponsored the Wet T Shirt contest took place in the main ballroom. They had a small kiddie pool set up on tarp on the dance floor. Now I'm not sure if Sandi and Danielle are sadistic or what, but they filled that pool with ICE CUBES! It certainly had its effect on the contestants*someone could of poked their eye out LOL! The winner received a convention package to Conclave in Chicago, the second runner up received a convention package to SwingStock in Wisconsin. The winner also got to get Danielle wet! Now that was some prize. They had something I hadn't seen at any of the conventions we've been to - Strip Tease Aerobics. Danielle of www.danielles-den.com is a licensed aerobics instructor and gave a class on both Friday and Saturday morning at 9:30 am. Now with the late hours these folks keep, you wouldn't think there would be anyone present but the room was surprisingly filled with strippers of all sizes and shapes. They didn't actually shed any clothes but it was very erotic to watch and even more fun to participate. It certainly was a great reason to wake up. We hope they ask her back next year..

On Saturday, they held the Ms Entice Swimsuit Contest. Several girls entered the swimsuit contest. The ladies had to create their own swimsuit, but couldn't use any material. They were very creative. The second part of the contest was the lap dance contest. The judges all had big smiles on their faces. The last part of the contest was to answer this question. If you could have sex anywhere in the universe, where would you have it at and with whom? The winner was very creative in her response. As winner of the contest, she competed in the Ms No Swimsuit Pageant in Jamaica, which was held at Hedonism II March 1 - 8, 2003. Since she is representing Entice 2002, she'll be sponsored by Bob and Flame, hosts of the convention.

In the afternoon, Bob and Tess from the Nawlins in November hosted a seminar called "Happiness, Humor and Hedonism". Everyone was roaring at the comedy show about our lifestyle.

The dances in the evening were electrified. The themes for the weekend were Graffiti Party sponsored by Castaway Travel, Fetish Ball sponsored by Kimberly's Intimate Apparel and B.L.T. Ball (Black Tie, Lingerie and/or Thong) sponsored by Hedonism III. It was unbelievable how many trips and prizes where given away.

After the dances everyone headed to the party rooms and there were some neat themes in those as well. Some of them were the toy rooms sponsored by Syracuse Social Club, the bi women's toy room sponsored by All Friends First, a Wax and Bondage Room sponsored by Club Bio and the Grope Room sponsored by Sizzzle Magazine. All the party rooms were great and everyone was having fun everywhere. That's what it's all about, right?

Won't you join us this year at ENTICE 2004. This is a great convention, so make your plans for the next ENTICE now. ENTICE 2004 will be held in Niagara Falls USA October 20 -24. For more information, email them at info@enticeny.com or check out the official ENTICE website at www.enticeny.com EOLO

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