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Hedonism II Swingers resort Negril

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Swinger reviews for Hedonism II
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Hedonism II, Sep 15, 2004
reviewer: Ralph B. Asher from
I was an accidental tourist here as it was not my first choice. It was the luckiest accident of my life. I must have asked 25 times a day "Is this heaven?"

I don't know where to begin. First, a negative. The food was not always available. There were gaps of two or three hours when there was nothing. And the food was not great, but it was very good and plentiful when available. I ate at the Japanese restaurant and Italian one - you had to make a reservation in the morning - and they were terrific. Willie was wonderful chopping away at the grill and while tipping was not allowed I made sure to slip him $10 before I left. He was the first of so many wonderful people that were on that staff that made me feel like a best friend. I didn'

t try the Jamaican restaurant.

Besides the three restaurants,the food was buffet style with a terrific dessert bar among so much else. I gained 14 pounds in my ten day stay but will admit that it was partly because I didn't take advantage of the wonderful staffed fitness room. I won't make that mistake again.

I did my first scuba dive there and in fact did 11 in my stay - including a night dive that a group of us paid the crew to take us on. I have never met a group of men that I loved more than the guys at the dive shack. Leon, O'Neill, Clifton, Derrick, Anthony and Myron are friends for life and I can't wait to return in late August. The dives were done so professionally and were spectacular. Again, while tipping is forbidden, each got $10 and the three who took us on the night dive were given sports hats.

The nude beach was wonderful. The beach itself was real (unlike Hidden Beach) and you could float or swim in the roped off area when the pool was being cleaned - which it was twice a day. The bar was tremendous even though the legendary Delroy was not there on my visit. The beach grill was unbelievable and Robert was absolutely my favorite person in the resort - he got $20. His burgers and fries were wonderful but the best was the jerk chicken in the late afternoon. He asked my name the first day and I was always greeted with a "Hi Ralph" from that moment on. What a wonderful man he is.

The pool was wonderfulm the misting pool even better, and the two hot tubs, while not hot particularily, were great. The three or four times we marched en masse to the water slide at the prude pool was more fun than sex and overall, I can't begin to tell you how much fun I had.

I did try the sailing on the sunfish but after they had to come out to get me the second time, I decided that was enough. The snorkeling was fine and available twice a day. The volleyball game - on the sand, not in the pool - was my most memorable event. I remember standing there thinking that I wanted so much to imbed the picture of that moment in my mind forever. God it was amazing. Did I mention that I was 60 years old? I would say the overwhelming majority was between 30 and 45 and most were very fit.

There were a few events that were not included in the package and I didn't do them, but won't make this mistake again. My friends who did the catamaran trip raved about it, for example. There was just so much to do that was included and for this first trip it seemed to make sense to not pay for the extras.

Everyone was wonderful. The staff made you feel like family. I was alone there but immediately made so many friends and never felt the least bit uncomfortable. In fact, two of my friends told me of their scuba trip to St. Lucia in July and invited me to sign on - which I did of course. This is why I won't be able to get back to Hedo II until late August or early September, but I will make this the first of two trips done before the end of the year.

The night life was incredible - I hear. I was an early to bed person since I wanted to scuba dive in the morning but one could easily stay up 24 hours a day and never be bored a second at this incredible resort

The reports of PDAs (public displays of affection) were not unfounded. It depended on the crowd though. I was there for the last three days of one group and they were rather overt - even during the day. There was both oral and regular sex on occasion but it was not constant and one could easily walk away from it. It wsa especially rampant in the hot tub after midnight but one did not have to be at hot tub at that hour. The group that came in during my final full week there were not nearly so overt.

So this is my favorite place in the whole world now. I would try Hedo III except that they don't have scuba diving included in the package and I hear the beach isn't so good. From the time they did the free trasfer from the airport to the time they put me on the return flight the staff was incredible and I miss each and every one of them.

I loved each and every minute of my stay. I am convinced that seven nights was not enough and am so glad that I did a ten day stay. I can't wait to get back. It was the most incredible experience of my life and it feels as if I have discovered a parallel universe which is so easy to enter.

God I did so love Hedo II. I can't believe that I was disappointed that I had to go there instead of Hidden Beach. I later went to HB and you can find my report on it in another place.

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