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Desire Resort and Spa - Mexico, Mar 23, 2005
reviewer: Ralph and Nancy from Phoenix, AZ
We had an absolute fabulous time. The short version is that if you're looking for a relaxing getaway with exciting options this is the place. I can't say that it deserves a Gold Star in any particular area but I'd go back tomorrow.

As a point of reference we're a couple that travels often. I'm on the road or in the air for business 50% of the time and we travel for leisure about 20% of the remaining time.

We booked our own air travel so I'll skip that review. But the resort was terrific. This was our first lifestyle resort visit but we are a veteran lifestyle couple. As such, we were a bit surprised (not necessily disappointed) that a lot, 50+%, of the couples we met were either just exploring the lifestyle, or not at all in the lifestyle. Although this still left plenty of active lifestyle couples. Things get very sensual around the Jaccuzzi lounge and the playroom adjacent to the disco but it is fairly tame in the other areas. Frankly, the rest of the club is more of nudists resort. Not a complaint, just an observation. All and all, we were very happy with the lifestyle activity but we could foresee some more agressive couples being disappointed.

I'd read other reports about the resort indicating weak drinks. Not in our opinion. The drinks, food and service was all well above average. Drinks were plentyful. The Bartenders were all top notch.

Food was tasty and good variety. No, it wasn't your Americanized 3 or 4 star restuarant. But we enjoyed all of our meals and snacks.

The room we booked was a Gardenview Suite. We did have a little mix up on arrival but it was sorted out quickly. Now if you looking for American Marriott type accommodations, you might be a little disappointed. The room was clean and spacious. The only suggestions for the resort that I have is that the shower (and tile work) was a little spartan and the housekeeping service could be a bit more prompt.

We'll be back.

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Desire Resort & Spa, Sep 12, 2004
reviewer: Loraine and Jim from Anytown, AT 55555
Well we are home for a few days now and the depression has set in. Jim went back to work today and I go tomorrow.

I want to tell you about the fabulous week we had at Desire’.

Last year when we booked this trip we were going with some couples who had become our friends and we were very excited to be sharing this adventure with them. Due to unforeseen circumstances each and everyone of the couples had to back out.

Jim and I were booked and we were going. I then discovered that the week was going to be what is referred to as a “Lifestyle Takeover Week”, there were six swing clubs booked for the week. I was very nervous and a little apprehensive as to what to expect. It was terrific. We were told to expect to see all kinds of sex and we did. We were told to expect the people to be friendly and they were. It was wonderful. We met so many nice and warm and very respectful couples.

The place is beautiful. I love Mexico so I am biased. We had terrific connections. We left Philadelphia at 7:45 and with the adjustment in time we were at Desire by 11:35. I asked what time was check-in and the desk said at 3:00, but they said “You can put you luggage right here in this closet and change around. “Go enjoy the pool and lunch and stop back around 1:30 to see if your room is ready.” So they gave us our champagne and we changed and headed out to the pool. The daily activities were already in full force.

Everyday the activity team plays water games in the pool or activities on the beach. I do not know how they keep up their endless upbeat energy. The four of them are always friendly, joking and doing everything that they can to make your day at the pool and beach area fun. It is so much fun to watch them get to know the guests for that week picking something personal so everyone can join in the fun.

They had our room ready around 2:30 pm and we got settled in. We were in the last building and at first I was afraid that we would be too far away from everything. As it turned out I really loved being all the way out there. Everyday on our walk back and forth to the pool or restaurants we were able to say hola to all those couples we had met.

The daily routine was pretty similar everyday. Jim did not want to do anything extra either I want to say. There are off site activities and trips offered for almost everyday but Jim was not moving. We would wake up and make coffee in the room and walk out about 15 to 20 feet to the surf and drink our coffee. Jim loved this moment every morning. One of his favorite moments.

We then headed in to a wonderful breakfast; I think this meal was both of our favorite meal of the day. There is a wonderful woman who makes omelets, pancakes , or French toast to order as you watch, also there is a full fruit assortment, Danish, muffins, juices, and hot entrees on the buffet. The service was friendly and the waiters tried also to make some fun for you getting to know you as a couple. We would join couples we had met, or sit by ourselves. Very relaxed and filling. Next we would head back to our room to completely cover each other in sunscreen. I would highly recommend this step. We had some friends who did not do this and the sun is brutal. The days at the pool were filled with playing the water games or mostly( which is what we did,) floating around and socializing with everyone who also was in the water. Many wonderful fun and interesting conversations we had laying across a raft. These were the times where my fears of the “Lifestyle Couples “were lost. I met so so many people who were so willing to explain what it meant to them and what their own Lifestyle was. Thank you all for such a wonderful education.

Lunch at the Coconut Grill was served from 11:00 am thru 5;00pm this also included the bar being open. One of my complaints was the inconsistency with how they made the drinks . They never tasted the same. You could get plenty of alcohol. but you never knew if it was going to be like the last drink. The bartender always asked me if I wanted one or two drinks. I feel that when

Desire’ is fully booked as it was the week we were there the management should hire on extra bartenders. I felt sometimes that we were working the poor guy to death. I feel from about noon on two bartenders would have still been kept very very busy.

I will say though that all the quests were patient and polite, waiting their turn till he could get to them.

The grill has typical grill type foods, plus some more Mexican selections. I loved the Chicken wings myself and the nachos. They also put out a hot lunch around two pm with more dinner type offerings, which included dessert and a self-serve ice cream chest. You never went hungry. In the afternoons as the sun rose higher in the sky and it became too hot to sit on a lounge chair by the pool, many moved over to the beach. The resort has plenty of lounge chairs all along the beach located under palapas, also they have planted wonderful vegetation which gives some protection from the sun. The beach is very nice. In this part of Mexico the beaches are rocky usually and very weedy. I found this problem was not as severe at Desire.

You can walk out to waist deep without shoes and they do clean up the seaweeds every morning. There is a dock and a boat available for snorkel trips daily. Some quests were fishing also off the dock.

Jim and I usually stayed between the beach and pool until around 5: 00pm and then headed back to our room for a shower with a nap or sex after and it was a wonderful way to wind down the day. The atmosphere at Desire’ is very sexually charged and lends itself to sexual fun and play. We were no different. After the nap we would dress for dinner. If there was a theme night attire that we wanted to participate in we wore those clothes to dinner. Mostly the themes are broad enough that you could wear the outfits to dinner. Many of the women like to dress up for dinner and this was very attractive to see. The men were more casual, but for dinner most of the couples dressed very nicely.

The after dinner activities were different each night. Again the activity crew planned fun and sexy events. Usually there was some kind of game contest in front of the lobby at the Main Bar at 9:00pm and a couple won a tee shirt. The disco opened at 10:00pm unless it was a night when they had something special planned.

Jim and I had the most disappointment in the Disco. It was always too hot, I do not like the décor and the music choices were almost impossible to dance to. I also feel that the whole set-up of the room and leading into the Playroom is backwards. I would have designed it differently. I would have put the seating on the wall where the bar is next to the playroom and put the bar in front of the windows. The way the room is set up it makes it very difficult to get around and to get a drink or to dance or do anything . We really ended up not spending much time in there at all. My disappointment in the Disco would not keep me from going back. I do love to dance though and this was a huge disappointment.

The Hot tub and the bar at the Hot tub are open from 4:00 pm into the wee hours. Some couples were still there at 3:00 am or even later. Here also many times, the service was very slow for drinks because of only having one bartender. He has to be always looking in front of himself or behind himself the way the tub is set up. You can get to the bar from the hot tub or from the Patio deck on the otherside.

The Hot Tub is on top of a roof which allows for a beautiful nightime view of the stars and wonderful ocean breezes, this is also where the beds for sex are located. Any couples going to Desire who go up to the Hot Tub rooftop need to be prepared to see all kinds of sex. There is sex going on at the beds and also in the tub. Even though it is designed by Desire for the actual sexual acts to occur over on the beds this does not happen. Many couples engage in sex to completion in the tubs. I talked to some couples and this fact did bother some of them. Personally I felt it was my choice to stay away if it offended me. I did say that I would like to have a hot tub that I could enjoy without some one else’s excretions and I was reminded that there are Jacuzzi suites for just that purpose.

I believe the next time we go I will upgrade to the Jacuzzi suite. I would love to have had the opportunity to invite some couples back to our room to enjoy the hot tub together without the sexual activities in the tub.

This was the general routine of the days and nights. Our group of couples did do some things which were not in Desire’ program and we were not stopped or reprimanded. Overall I feel that the management of Desire’ wants its quests to have a great time and will do anything that they can to help that happen. I did not see much security as in watching over the activities of the quests, if this is important to you, having someone of management making sure quests are following the rules ,,,,Desire’ is not really for you.

We on the other hand loved the openness and freedom and it is one of the main reasons we will be returning.

It was for us mostly the people we met, and the freedom to be ourselves in an open and accepting atmosphere, to explore our own personal sexuality without having to worry about offending anyone.

We will be going back.

Loraine and Jim

“the fliszar’s”

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